What is Amplify and Earn?

Earn $500 USD Per Asset Manager you Recruit

Amplify and Earn gives you a whole new way to make money in the Yield Magnet Ecosystem! Help us amplify our networks and refer and onboard new asset managers. All you have to do is find great traders and get them to open a pool on the Yield Magnet Platform. For every qualifying Asset Manager you recruit you will receive $500 USD paid as ETH.

In order to qualify the Asset Manager must: - Create a Pool on the Yield Magnet Platform - Manage at least $5K USD in the pool - Make at least 1 trade in the pool

The more you refer the more you earn!

How Do I Get Started?

To get started simply go to https://app.yieldmagnet.io/earn and register as an Amplifier. You'll need to provide us with:

  • A unique username (this will be the referral code Asset Managers provide when they create a pool)

  • Your TG or Twitter Name

  • Wallet Address (this will be taken from the dapp based on the wallet you are connected with)

Once you're registered then you can get started earning as an Amplifier straight away!

How Do I Get Paid?

When the Asset Manager creates their pool, they'll be required to select the code (username) for the Amplifier that recruited them from a list of unique referral codes. This Amplifier will receive the payment to the wallet registered once the Asset Manager becomes qualified (reached $5k USD AUM and makes 1 trade).

Start your career as an Amplifier today!

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