Flexi Staking

Different from traditional staking models, our Flexi staking program lets you enjoy "Fee Sharing" or "Revenue Sharing" without the long-term commitment.

Discover an exciting opportunity for $MAGNET holders to participate in revenue sharing and effortlessly accumulate more $MAGNET tokens. Stakers will receive a distribution of 50% of platform fees and 20% of the tax from trading of the $MAGNET token (providing passive income that's auto-compounded).

How does it work?

You can enjoy the benefits of passive income with every transaction on the Yield Magnet platform. When Wrapped Ethereum tokens are sent to our fee handler contract, all platform fees are equally divided in half. One half is converted to $MAGNET and distributed among stakers, while the other half supports the operational expenses of the project.

Join the action by depositing $MAGNET into the revenue sharing contract.

How do I stake?

Staking your $MAGNET tokens is a straightforward process. Visit the Yield Magnet dApp, connect your wallet, and select the number of tokens you wish to stake.

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